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Admin Terms &Conditions


These administration terms and conditions supplement the CRAMC general terms and conditions and apply to the operation of all sub sites within the CRAMC website.

By continuing to use this website or accessing any administration functions or any sub site connected to it you are confirming that you and your organisation accepts the terms and conditions set out below. If you are not authorised to accept the terms and conditions on behalf of your organisation or you do not accept the terms and conditions, you must not access or use any sub site using the administration functions.

Creation of a Sub Site

CRAMC may invite organisations to have a Sub Site which will form part of the CRAMC website.

CRAMC has no obligation to invite any such organisation and no organisation has an obligation to accept an invitation if it is received. If an invitation is accepted, the organisation will be a CRAMC Organisation for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.


Each CRAMC Organisation may nominate one Main Sub Site Administrator.

CRAMC will only give access privileges to the person who has been so nominated and whose name and address has been provided in writing by the relevant Organisation to CRAMC prior to the launch of the Sub Site.

The Main Sub Site Administrator will be primarily responsible for the running of the Sub Site and for the acts and omissions of the Sub Site Administrators.

The Main Sub Site Administrator will be the main point of contact between CRAMC, the Sub Site Administrators and Members of their Sub Site.


Each Organisation may permit any number of Sub Site Administrators to administer their Sub Site.


The Sub Site will be provided and used by the Organisation (including the Main Sub Site Administrator and the Sub Site Administrator) only for lawful use and to support and promote CRAMC and the organisation.

In addition to the Licence Terms in the main Terms and Conditions, if the Sub Site subscribes to the advertising and shop modules available through the CRAMC website these must be used lawfully and within all guidelines set by CRAMC.

If the Sub Site subscribes to or uses any social media (whether for feeds or otherwise) the Organisation is responsible for ensuring that it is compliant with any terms and conditions and policies of the relevant social media network(s).


In the event that the Main Sub Site Administrator fails to perform adequately and to the satisfaction of CRAMC, the Organisation will promptly appoint a replacement Main Sub Site Administrator and will immediately notify CRAMC of the details of such replacement.


Main Sub Site Administrators and Sub Site Administrators will have access privileges enabling them to read, upload and amend all material on the Sub Site. The Main Sub Site Administrator is responsible for ensuring that each Sub Site Administrator is trained, capable and sufficiently experienced to be able to exercise their duties and will withdraw access from any Sub Site Administrator if it is appropriate to do so.

CRAMC will not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature incurred in the event of the actions of any Main Sub Site Administrator or any Sub Site Administrator. In the event that administrative access is given to an unauthorised person, the Main Site Administrator must immediately contact CRAMC's Super Site Administrator using details provided on appointment.


The Main Sub Site Administrator is responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of materials displayed on the Sub Site and to promptly rectify any errors of which the Organisation is made aware whether by CRAMC, a Member of the Sub Site or any other person.


CRAMC retains the right (but not the obligation) to refuse to host or transmit or to remove or suspend any Sub Site or any materials (partially or completely) which, in its sole opinion, would or might infringe the rights of any person, or that could be a breach of any of the Terms and Conditions or CRAMC policies. Furthermore, CRAMC retains and reserves the rights to revoke, refuse or limit access to all or part of the Sub Sites at its absolute discretion at any time without reason.

Any delay or failure of CRAMC to remove or suspend any Sub Site or any materials or to revoke, refuse or limit access does not in any way constitute a waiver of CRAMC's right to do so or infer any endorsement that CRAMC considers the Sub Site or materials to be lawful or otherwise acceptable.

CRAMC reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to cease the operation of the CRAMC website or any Sub Site at any time without notice.


Each Organisation, Main Sub Site Administrator and Sub Site Administrator agrees to comply with the prevailing legislation and guidance for the welfare of children and vulnerable adults, and in particular the guidelines for the taking and use of the images of young people.


The Main Sub Site Administrator and other Sub Site Administrators will each ensure that they do not do anything or encourage or permit any other person to do anything that might cause him or herself or CRAMC to be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 or the CRAMC Privacy Policy.


Each Organisation, the Main Sub Site Administrator and all other Sub Site Administrators each jointly and severally hereby agree to fully indemnify and keep indemnified CRAMC against all liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, loss, damage, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by CRAMC arising out of any breach or non-performance of all or any of obligations, undertakings under the Terms and Conditions.

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